Who we are

Since 2013 KAAS Technology, Inc. has quickly risen to become a highly sought after Strategic IT Advisory Firm within the Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering space. Our attention to detail, combined with our foresight into the best technical approaches, has helped us to deliver powerful results to all of our clients. We focus our Quality Engineering efforts on six core areas: Test Data Management (TDM), Organization Assessment, Software Quality Assurance Optimization, Security & Vulnerability Analysis, Performance Engineering, and Advanced Quality Engineering.

Our Difference

For too long Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing has been lacking in importance across industries. As the IT world has evolved, QA has failed to innovate and in doing so failed to receive the attention to detail that it deserves. At KAAS, we focus on providing consulting services that leverage our team’s two decades of experience within the QA and IT worlds. We strive to transform an organization’s approach to QA into a Quality Engineering approach that delivers optimized results. Through our innovative, hands-on approach, your organization can step into the new world of IT, which focuses on delivering ROI enhanced results with an emphasis on improved Quality Engineering.

The Need

The consulting market is crowded with vendors that advertise QA and testing services, but provide little in the way of proven practices that reduce technical debt and truly optimize test engineering processes. KAAS Technology has done both of these things for some of the largest companies in the world. We leverage the power of model-based approaches that stem from best practice principles to drastically reduce our clients’ technical debt, while simultaneously delivering optimal-quality deliverables. Through the power of an advanced test engineering team, near-perfect testing can be achieved to significantly reduce any risk across your project portfolio.